ScorpionScorpions in Idaho

For most people, scorpions are on the top of the list of insects that they don’t want to encounter. Famed for being venomous and sporting dangerous pincers, scorpions are feared by many. However, you may not need to be as scared of scorpions in Idaho as you think. For the most part, scorpions are misunderstood, and many incorrect ideas are associated with them. Here are some interesting facts about scorpions in Idaho, many of which may surprise you.




  1. There are 1,200 species of scorpions worldwide, 70 of which can be found in the United States.
  2. Of the scorpions that live in the United States, only 2 varieties are actually venomous. Although all scorpions can sting you, very few require medical attention.
  3. A sting from a scorpion feels similar to a bee sting.
  4. Scorpions don’t dwell strictly in deserts. Although they can be found in the desert, they also live in places such as caves, forests, grasslands, and savannas.
  5. Scorpions are actually arachnids, making them close relatives of spiders, ticks, and mites.
  6. As long as it has access to water, a scorpion can survive for 6 months without eating.
  7. Scorpions can only digest liquids.
  8. Although they’re predators, scorpions are also prey to many insects and animals such as centipedes, birds, lizards, shrews, mice, and bats.
  9. Scorpions are nocturnal, and prefer to do their hunting under the cover of night.
  10. These pests are not aggressive, and will only sting if threatened.
  11. Scorpion stings are most commonly received when putting on a shoe or glove that a scorpion is hiding inside.

Surprised? So were we. It turns out that, for the most part, encountering a scorpion is no different than encountering any other unwanted pest. That being said, though, if you do have scorpions in your home or on your property, you should take the proper steps to eliminate them. Get Lost Pest Control is one of your best resources for exterminating scorpions in Idaho. Call us today to find out how we can help.