Mosquitoes are annoying and dangerous pests that pose serious health problems to your family and pets.

Some mosquito species rarely bite humans as they prefer other species. For instance, Culiseta melanura prefers birds. That would be good news for campers along Lone Pine Lake. However, if other mosquito species are invading your home or business, preventative pest control is necessary.

Call today to schedule a treatment. One of our friendly technicians will be happy to treat your property and protect your family.

Banks Mosquito Control

At Get Lost Pest Control, we offer a two-pronged approach to mosquito control. We use a backpack sprayer/fogger to cover the entire property and target specific, hard-to-reach areas where mosquitoes tend to hide. One product kills adult mosquitoes on your property, and the other interferes with their ability to reproduce, providing up to 30 days of relief from mosquitoes.

Additionally, we use a repellent for both large and small properties which will repel the mosquitoes and discourage them from entering your property.

If mosquitoes are invading your property, contact us at (208) 949-1003. We’ll not only inspect your property for common areas where they lay eggs, but provide you with effective Banks mosquito control treatments.