Stink BugsEagle Stink Bug Control

What is a Stink Bug? 

Stink bugs are small, green or brown broad-bodied insects that can cause damage to crops and create problematic home infestations during late summer and early fall. These bugs are named well: they each carry a scent gland between their legs that contains foul-smelling liquid. If the insect feels threatened, it will release the liquid in an attempt to protect themselves from predators. Although not physically harmful to humans, stink bugs love to feast on plants and can cause damage to crops such as maple, birch, catalpa, dogwood, citrus, tomato, sunflower, apple, pear, plum, and grape. When temperatures begin to drop in the fall, stink bugs seek refuge from the cold in homes, and droves of them can choose a location to winter together. Exterminating them can be an extreme annoyance not only because of their large quantity, but also because of their terrible smell. If you suspect you have an Eagle stink bug control issue, here are some tips and tricks to help with both prevention and extermination.

How can I prevent an infestation?

Stink bugs most often find access to homes through holes or cracks near windows, doors, siding, pipes, or chimneys. Thankfully, resolving this issue can be an easy fix. Simply purchase high-quality caulk and close any openings that might be allowing stink bugs to enter your home. Another way that these bugs can enter is through vents in attics or crawl spaces. Once again, this problem can easily be solved by simply installing a screen over the vents.

If you have had stink bug control issues in the past, there are two preventative measures you can take to decrease the risk of infestation in the future. First, you can plant herbs such as basil, borage coriander, and nasturtium. These plants attract other insects that will prey upon stink bugs. And second, you can also use diatomaceous earth to kill any stink bugs lingering on your property. Simply purchase the diatomaceous earth and dust it over plants where the stink bugs are feeding.

What can be done to exterminate them?

Of course, the biggest problem arises once you have an Eagle stink bug control issue, and now must find solutions. There are many options to eliminate them, but most of them involve the bugs secreting their foul-smelling liquid. This is highly unpleasant, and the smell can last for weeks inside of your home. Many people choose to use vacuum cleaners to suck up stink bugs and then dispose of the vacuum bag. This can be effective, but oftentimes leaves the vacuum bag with a foul odor for a time. The other solution is to try traps: either store-bought electric ones or homemade sticky traps.


The most effective way to handle your Eagle stink bug control problem is to contact a pest control agency. Their licensed professionals can visit your home to evaluate the problem and find safe, solutions that avoid turning a small problem into a big stinky mess. Contact Get Lost Pest Control today to find out how we can help.