If you’ve noticed holes or mounds in your lawn or garden, you may have a gopher or vole infestation.

There are some plants that can help keep gophers away such as rosemary, lavender, oleander, castor beans, daffodils and marigolds. However, if you already have gophers, this won’t make them leave.  It’s also not a good option for large areas, like Garman Farm. Also, having gophers means they may be attracting their natural predators, such as snakes and weasels. For fast, effective gopher and vole extermination, call us now.

Gopher Control Fruitland

While gophers may not seem like much of a problem, they can quickly cause extensive damage to your home or property. At Get Lost Pest Control, we eliminate and prevent gophers using a pressurized exhaust rodent control (PERC) system. This provides you with a safe, yet potent, elimination method compared to any other gopher control Fruitland treatments.

Using an internal combustion engine, we pump a lethal concentration of carbon monoxide into a tunnel system to safely eliminate any unwanted rodents. With this process, there are no explosions that would disturb horses or other livestock.

Voles are small, nocturnal rodents that leave holes and track-like lines in the grass. At Get Lost Pest Control, we use two different bait options to eliminate the voles while they are active at night.

If gophers are invading your property, contact us at (208) 949-1003. We will not only inspect for common holes and mounds, but provide you with effective gopher control Fruitland treatments.