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Mice and rats are capable of transmitting diseases through their hair, droppings, and urine while causing a great deal of damage to a home or business.

Mice whiskers are used for sensory. They can determine if a surface is smooth or rough, a temperature change or a breeze. That means if a mouse was hiding under a car at J Z Auto Sales, it could deduce when a customer walked by.

Not only are their whiskers imperative to their survival, so is their sense of smell. Mice can smell human scent on traps and learn to avoid them. This means you may need to contact a pest professional if you’re unable to exterminate them on your own. Give us a call at the number below so we may help you with your mouse problem.

Mice Control Homedale

At Get Lost Pest Control, we utilize a variety of successful methods to rid your home of unwanted mice or rats. Using traps, sticky traps, or bait, we eliminate unwanted rodents inside or outside your home.

If mice and rats are invading your home, contact us at (208) 949-1003. We’ll not only inspect your property for common areas where they nest, but provide you with effective mice control Homedale treatments.