Slugsmeridian pest control

Your garden is your pride and joy. And why shouldn’t it be?  Huge amounts of time and effort are spent to make a garden productive and beautiful. Imagine walking out to your garden in the spring or summer. You start noticing that some of the leaves are an odd color and some are eaten. Then, the tell-tale sign. Shiny, slimy streaks all across your beloved garden plants. You have slugs! Those who garden are well aware of the dangers that slugs pose to garden plants. Slugs can be found all over the Treasure Valley. Get Lost Pest Control wants to help you keep slugs out while helping with any of your Meridian pest control efforts.

Slugs are not insects- they are mollusks. They are in the same family as clams, oysters, and squids. Slugs, along with snails, are the only land-dwelling members of this family. Slugs come in many varieties, growing up to 5 inches in length. They can range in color from yellow to gray to black.

Slugs prefer to live in warm, humid climates, and will hide in dark and damp places. You may be able to find them under fallen tree bark, rock slabs, or anything else touching the ground that offers a place to hide.

There are many DIY methods for slug control out there. Unfortunately, many of these are ineffective and may even be just as harmful to your garden. Everyone knows that salt is a slug’s nemesis. Don’t put salt on your garden! That could kill your plants and render the soil unusable in the future.

Why you need Meridian pest control: slugs are a huge threat to your garden plants. They are not picky and will eat almost anything. Slugs chew irregular holes in the vegetation they feed on, severely harming and even killing it. If they chew on any of your vegetables, they will be inedible.

Don’t let all of your time go to waste because of a few pesky slugs! With a professional Meridian pest control solution, you can be assured that your slug problem can be taken under control. If you want to keep your garden free from slimy slugs, contact us at Get Lost Pest Control today!