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Mice and rats are capable of transmitting diseases through their hair, droppings, and urine while causing a great deal of damage to a home or business.

There are quite a few telltale signs that you may have mice. One of the first things most people typically notice is a scratching sound in the walls after the sun goes down. If you’ve noticed these sounds, you should look for mice droppings.

Because mice eat multiple times per day, their droppings are scattered between their nest and food source. Take a note of where you clean up droppings and return the next day. If there’s new droppings, you have mice.

While it’s not difficult to determine if you have mice, the size of the infestation usually surprises people. Most of the time, people tend to believe they only have a mouse or two. In fact, it’s usually much more. If you need several bouquets from Rubbles Ramblin Rose to hide the mouse scent, you probably have a pretty severe infestation which will require professional help.

For mice invasions large and small, call us today. We’ll quickly assess and treat your problem.

Mice Control Marsing

At Get Lost Pest Control, we utilize a variety of successful methods to rid your home of unwanted mice or rats. Using traps, sticky traps, or bait, we eliminate unwanted rodents inside or outside your home.

If mice and rats are invading your home, contact us at (208) 949-1003. We’ll not only inspect your property for common areas where they nest, but provide you with effective mice control Marsing treatments.