Fleas and ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

Fleas and ticks can be bad news for people who live on N Weiser St. One carries the bubonic plague, while the other can cause lime disease. Dangerous pests, such as these two, are the main reason pest control is needed.

Don’t hesitate to call the number below if you’re suffering from flea or tick infestations.

Flea and Tick Control Midvale

Fleas and ticks can be difficult to prevent on your own. At Get Lost Pest Control, we eliminate fleas and ticks by treating inside areas with an effective flea control treatment that lasts up to 3 months. When a flea or tick walks across a treated area, the contact will kill the pest. For outside areas, we eliminate fleas and ticks by using a granular pesticide that eliminates fleas and ticks that come into contact with it.

If fleas and ticks are invading your home or property, contact us at (208) 949-1003. We’ll not only inspect your property for common areas where they nest, but provide you with effective flea control Midvale treatments.