Mormon CricketsMormon Crickets in Idaho

If you’re a farmer or gardener in Idaho, a Mormon cricket infestation can be a huge threat to your plants. These bugs can be up to three inches long and love to feast upon grass, sagebrush, corn, wheat, vegetables and fruit. That’s bad news for anyone who is trying to grow these plants as food. Unfortunately, Mormon crickets can devastate your plants before you get the chance to enjoy them yourself! If a Mormon cricket problem is left unchecked, it can completely destroy your crops. Here are some basic facts on Mormon crickets in Idaho and solutions to help you eliminate them.

History: Mormon crickets first made their appearance in 1848. They began swarming in the great plains and specifically in the Salt Lake area where Mormon pioneers were attempting to build a settlement. These insects nearly decimated the pioneers’ crops. That initial infestation was resolved naturally as a flock of seagulls arrived that ate the pesky bugs. Since that time, Mormon crickets have spread through migration to most of the northwest, and are considered an Idaho native invasive species.

Identification: Despite their name, Mormon crickets are not actually crickets at all. They are classified as shield-backed katydids. Their name comes from the fact that adult male Mormon crickets chirp in a similar fashion to true crickets. They can most easily be identified by their size: larger than both crickets and grasshoppers. These insects also do not have wings and cannot fly. Don’t be fooled by this, however. They are incredibly mobile and will band together to migrate large distances.

Management: If you notice Mormon crickets in your yard, garden, pasture, or farm, it is important to act quickly. Since these bugs can move fast, it is best to contact a pest control agent to assist you in eliminating Mormon crickets in Idaho. However, if you choose to address the problem on your own, the best solution is to use bait and insecticides. Although Mormon crickets have some natural predators, you should not bank on the problem being solved on its own. As soon as you recognize a problem, you should begin spraying.


Mormon crickets in Idaho can be a big nuisance, and they are often hard to kill on your own. We recommend using a pest control agency such as Get Lost Pest Control to aid you in eliminating the insects. In doing so, you will have the worry taken off your shoulders, and will be back to enjoying your crops much faster. Contact us today and let us know how we can help with your Mormon cricket infestation.