Springtails: Intro: Have you ever seen little tiny dwelling creatures shifting around in your soil? Those creatures are likely Modern Hexapods, otherwise known as, Springtails. Springtails are known for thriving in soil and feeding off of fungi. Which means they could live anywhere where there is soil, like Cloverdale Nursery or Farwest Garden Center. If you’re looking to dwindle your Springtail population, look no further! Get Lost Pest Control is your local Boise Springtail control company. Identification: • Springtails are around 1/16 of an inch in length • Their coloring is dark, in shades of brown, black or grey • Springtails cannot fly and they do not have wings • Their lifecycle from hatching to maturing is only about 3-5 weeks long • They are found throughout the US and prefer very moist conditions Dangers: Springtails are not a danger to humans, pets, or to the structures of buildings. However, they are an invading pest that can enter homes in large numbers and can become quite a nuisance. Prevention: • Use dehumidifiers to help get rid of moisture • Consider putting a barrier of rocks around your home to help keep them away • Seal any open cracks or crevices • Keep your bushes and shrubs from over-growing • Remove any leaf or plant piles Treatment: To treat for Springtails, you could try methods stated above, such as using a dehumidifier. However, this will not guarantee to eradicate your Springtail infestation. We recommend using trained professionals so that the job is done right! Call Get Lost Pest Control, your local Boise Springtail control company, to assist you with your pest needs!