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A fly problem may cause serious animal health difficulties for Dairymen, Cow/Calf Operations, Feedlot Operators, and more. This leads to a noticeable reduction in profits. An estimated 1 Billion Dollars is lost each year because of Horn Fly infestations in the United States alone. Flies carry diseases and may cause pinkeye, mastitis, anthrax, tuberculosis, and many other health problems. Cattlemen may lose $10-$14 per head each year due to Horn Flies, and as much as $25-$33 from Face Fly infestations.

3,000 Horn Flies can withdraw 30mL of Blood per Animal, per Day!

At Get Lost Pest Control, we us a Mist Sprayer to eliminate and control livestock flies. Mist Sprayers are one of the most effective, easiest, safest, and economical methods of spraying for fly and insect pest control.

Mist Sprayers are the most efficient way to apply pesticides to areas where flies are concentrated because the uniform droplets can be directed to the target area with a controlled air vortex to kill flies on contact. Mist Sprayers are the preferred insecticide sprayer for control of horn flies, face flies, stable flies, and houseflies; as well as gnats, ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting insects found on or around livestock. The Mist Sprayer is useful in dry lots, free stall barns, calf hutches, feedlots, around buildings, pastures, and rangeland. A Mist Sprayer can be used to spray beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, poultry, swine, bison, elk, and other farm animals and their surroundings.

Horn Flies stay on cattle and feed intermittently by piercing and sucking blood. Horn fly numbers on brood cows can exceed 1,000+, and 5,000+ on herd bulls. Studies indicate yearling cattle weight can be reduced by 18%, which reduces weight gains by 10-50 lbs. Horn flies can also reduce milk production by 20%.

Face flies are a nuisance and contribute to health problems. This fly transfers the “pink-eye” organism. Studies have shown that $150 million per year is lost to pink-eye treatments, reduced weight gains, and reduced milk production due to face fly feeding and irritation.

Stable Flies are a serious problem in feedlots, dairies, and pasture cattle. They can reduce weight gains in beef feedlot animals by 13-20% and yearling weight gain by .47 lbs. per day.

House flies can be a huge nuisance for you and your neighbors. Since the life cycle of these flies during warm weather is 10-21 days, it is important to provide continuous control with timely treatment. The best time to begin a spraying program is prior to the first appearance of flies in the spring season.

Livestock Fly Control Boise

You will gain many benefits from hiring Get Lost Pest Control to control livestock flies and other pests on your animals with a Mist Sprayer. You will get better milk production, better gain to feed ratios, and better overall health for your animals. Another benefit is that your animals will go into the fall and winter months mange and lice free and your livestock will be easier to manage.

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