Bigheaded Ant

Category: Ants

Scientific Name: Pheidole



Color: Varies: could be yellow, yellow-red, light brown, or dark reddish-brown

Size: 1/16 to ¼ inch long

Region: Found in the United States

Lifespan: 38-78 days

Important Considerations:

  • Bigheaded ants most often feed on seeds and insects. Around humans, though, their diet can also include meat, grease, liver, peanut butter, molasses, and fruit.
  • Although they typically live outside, trails of these ants can move into homes and can especially cause problems if they trail inside wall voids.
  • Bigheaded ants can be a threat if you raise poultry. They are carriers for tapeworms that can infect chickens, turkeys, and other domestic fowl.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Bigheaded ants primarily make their home outdoors. They live in colonies that are buried under soil. These are often found under stones, patios, firewood, building foundations, or leaf piles. They will occasionally nest inside crawl spaces. This ant species does trail to food sources, so they can be seen in your home or yard in short or long food trails.