Hypoponeran Ant

Category: Ants

Scientific Name: Hypoponera spp.


Color: Body is yellowish brown to black

Size: Body is 2 – 3 mm long

Region: Found throughout the US

Important Considerations:

  • There are over 170 species of the Hypoponeran ants
  • Female swarmers can cause issues when they swarm onto lights because when they fall they may sting people if they land on them
  • Some people experience irritation when stung, but others may get red itchy welts
  • Colonies are often found under stones or in or under rotting logs
  • Workers forage in leaf litter for prey, mostly focusing on springtails
  • Other places the ants can be found are under the slabs of structures

Where to Find Them on Your Property?

You will find Hypoponeran ants under stones or rotting logs, in plants, in large structures, or on lights. If a colony is found on a potted plant, it should be bagged and removed if possible. Often by the time that the source of the swarm is located, the swarming is over for that year. In areas outdoors where these ants naturally live, little can be done to eradicate them because swarming usually occurs over a wide area at the same time.