Pavement Ant

Category: Ants

Scientific Name: Tetramorium caespitum



Color: Dark Brown to Black

Size: ⅛ inch

Region: Found throughout the United States

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Important Considerations:

  • Pavement ant will sting if you bother them. Normally they are docile, but can be aggressive if they feel threatened.
  • These ants will eat almost anything. This means that they will sometimes venture indoors in order to find food sources.
  • Ants can carry disease, and therefore can cause a problem if they infest your food. Watch for pavement ant infestations in your kitchen or pantry.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Pavement ants make their homes both indoors and outdoors. Outside, they are typically found under stones, next to buildings, and — as their name suggests — inside pavement cracks. If they are inside your home, they will nest in walls, under floors, and in insulation.