Yellow Ants

Category: Ants

Scientific Name: Lasius spp.


Color: Body is yellow to yellowish red
Size: Body is 4 mm to 8 mm long
Region: Found throughout the US


Important Considerations:

  • Yellow Ants only have one queen per colony
  • Swarmers are attracted to lights, but their method of establishing a colony is not known
  • Larger Yellow Ants nest in moist areas, like well-rotted wood, and can also be in the soil, under stones or logs
  • These ants are considered a nuisance when they are making mounds near or under cement slabs or foundations
  • Their food consists of honeydew of various species of subterranean root aphids and coccids
  • There are currently no records of Yellow Ants eating household foods

Where to Find Them on Your Property?

You will find Yellow Ants around moist woods, soils, cement structures, or near/adjacent to structures along foundation walls. Their nests can be found under logs or stumps, and in soil underneath stones. Moisture in or around your property can attract these ants, so it’s best to dry those areas if possible. Other areas you may want to check is your crawl space or underneath plants like Ivy.