Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

Category: Cockroaches

Scientific Name: Parcoblatta pennsylvanica (DeGeer)



Color: Body is chestnut brown to reddish brown

Size: Body is 13 – 30 mm long

Region: Found throughout the US and Canada

Important Considerations:

  • Females deposit their ootheca under the loose bark of dead trees, stumps or logs
  • Females will produce about 30 oothecas, each with about 32 eggs
  • Time from egg to adult is about 318 days
  • These cockroaches are an outdoor species that can rarely survive indoors
  • They prefer to eat food such as different sweets


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

You will find Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches in places like under loose bark, in treeholes, in woodpiles, under shingles, and in gutters. They are most commonly brought into the house when people carry their firewood inside. Females cannot fly, so if they are not brought in by firewood then they will crawl in. Males are more commonly active at night, and will seep into your house through cracks and crevices. Since these cockroaches can rarely survive indoors, it’s important to focus preventative measures that you can do outdoors.