Turkestan Cockroach

Category: Cockroaches

Scientific Name: Blatta Lateralis (Walker)



Color: Body for males is usually brownish yellow to reddish brown, females are brown to black

Size: Body for males is about 14-23mm long, and for females is about 19-25mm long

Region: Found throughout the world

Important Considerations:

  • There is little known about this species, but the biology is similar to that of an oriental cockroach
  • Nymphs develop between 118-137 days
  • Adults can live anywhere from 30-300 days
  • They are a desert species which inhabits semi-desert locations, occasionally under moist conditions
  • This species is common in sewer systems and they are capable of carrying bacteria which can cause dysentery


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

You can find Turkestan Cockroaches in moist places around your home, but also you shouldn’t forget to check places like drains. They can be mainly found in sewers, but also can occasionally be found outside in debris and litter.