American Dog Tick                                                        

Category: Fleas/Ticks/Lice

Scientific Name: Dermacentor variabilis



Color: Brown with gray or white markings

Size: 5mm (unengorged) to 15 mm (engorged)

Region: Found throughout the United States other than the Rocky Mountains area

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Important Considerations:

  • American Dog Ticks prefer to feed on dogs but will feed on humans too.
  • American Dog Ticks are known for spreading Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Once a tick is on your body, it can take a them several hours to start feeding. So, make sure you remove them as soon as you find them.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Ticks are attracted to areas with tall grass where pets or other large mammals are present. If you find them in areas such as garden or pots, it is a sign of an infestation, as these are areas where females will lay their eggs.