Category: Occasional

Scientific Name: Scutigera coleoptrata



Color: Yellowish to dark brown, with darker markings

Size: ⅛ inch to 6 inches long

Region: Found throughout the United States

Lifespan: 1-6 years

Important Considerations:

  • House centipedes do not pose a threat to humans or animals; however, if they are living inside your home it can be a nuisance.
  • Centipedes can have anywhere from 15 to 177 sets of legs.
  • When catching prey, centipedes inject venom into their victims. Although they do not typically use their poison against humans, in extreme circumstances they can if they are picked up or stepped on.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Centipedes can be found both inside and outside. As long as their home has access to food, shelter, and moisture, they can live anywhere. Outside, they prefer leaf piles, hollow logs, or crevices under rocks. Inside, they choose moisture-rich environments like basements, crawl spaces, floor drains, or inside walls.