Lesser Grain Borer

Category: Miscellaneous

Scientific Name: Rhyszopertha (Fabricius)



Color: Body is shiny dark brown to black

Size: Body is about 3 mm long

Region: Found in the United States and throughout the world

Important Considerations:

  • Females lay 200-500 eggs over their lifetime
  • Eggs hatch in a few days
  • Develop from egg to adult takes about 58 days
  • Adults are long-lived and feed extensively


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Whole seeds and wheat products are most commonly attacked. Other products may include tobacco, nuts, beans, biscuits, cassava, cocoa beans, dried fruits, peanuts, spices, cork, roots, drugs, dried fish, dried meat, and some leather goods. These bugs can penetrate packaging. They are attracted to light and heated structures.