Buprestids/Flatheaded & Metallic Wood Borers

Category: Miscellaneous

Scientific Name: Various. Insecta/Coleoptera/Buprestidae



Color: Body is usually metallic or bronzed in color

Size: Body can range from 2-40 mm long

Region: Found throughout the US and Canada


Important Considerations:

  • Adult females lay their eggs in wood crevices or bark inside of tree wounds, and larvae usually take 1-2 years to mature
  • Adults will live anywhere from 3 to 5 months
  • If outside, these buprestids usually emerge during spring and summer months
  • If they are indoors, they will normally emerge during autumn and winter
  • They are most likely found in lumber that comes from trees salvaged after forest fires


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

You may find Buprestid Wood Borers in your home if they are accidentally brought inside on firewood that is not burned right away. It is suggested to keep your firewood outside, and only bring it in once you are ready to burn it. Sometimes, these Buprestids can infest log homes that have become dry from the natural air or the seasons after one or 2 years. You will likely need to do a fumigation and then a repair of the damaged materials.