Mold/Plaster Beetles

Category: Miscellaneous

Scientific Name: Various



Color: Reddish brown to plain brown, rarely black

Size: Body is 1-3 mm long

Region: Found in the United States and Canada

Important Considerations:

⦁ These beetles feed on mold and plaster, hence their name
⦁ Eggs are laid singly among the fungi, with a total of 10 eggs over 2 months
⦁ They are commonly found in moldy plant and animal substances
⦁ Some species can fly and are attracted to lights in the dark
⦁ Stopping dampness and mold growth will help get rid of these beetles


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

These beetles can be found in vegetable debris, under bark and stones, under decaying roof material, in plant and animal products, and occasionally in termite and ant nests. They can also be found in moldy shelfed food products, but cause no damage to the food materials. If there is a large infestation in a food product, the fecal matter may affect the product. Lastly, they have sometimes been found in damp basements on various clothing pieces such as old boots, hats, etc. Occasionally they can be seen under moldy wallpaper, under linoleum, on moldy paper, or in old nests, etc.