Mole Crickets

Category: Miscellaneous

Scientific Name: Various (Insecta/Orthoptera/Gryllotalpidae)



Color: Body is brownish to pinkish brown, sometimes with darker markings

Size: Body is about 20-40 mm long and molelike

Region: Found in the United States

Important Considerations:

  • Their name comes from them resembling miniature moles, with shovel-like front legs that are for digging
  • They are attracted to lights inside and around structures, like lighted swimming pools
  • They are considered a nuisance pest
  • Each cricket makes its own burrow, which may be up to 14 inches deep
  • The species will spawn in both spring and autumn, depending on the specific location
  • Large flights of these pests will normally occur after heavy rains during warmer weather, shortly after the sun sets and lasting about an hour


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

You can find this species in places like turf grass and around low-growing fruits, like strawberries (mostly common in the Southeastern US). They are attracted to all kinds of lights, and therefore could be found around any nearby structure that is providing light. You can also occasionally find them in your soil; however, they will never be found in heavy soil, only light soil.