Walking Stick Bug

Category: Miscellaneous

Scientific Name: Phasmidae



Color: Brown, tan, gray, or green

Size: 2-8 inches long

Region: Found throughout the United States

Lifespan: 12 months

Important Considerations:

  • Walking stick bugs feed on plants and can cause damage to plant life if you have a large population.
  • These bugs are masters of camouflage and as such often go unnoticed in your yard. Most people only realize they have them when they can be seen on inanimate objects such as your house or car.
  • Walking stick bug eggs do not have to be fertilized to develop. Females lay eggs every fall and these eggs, if not fertilized, will simply turn into more females. Because of this, even one walking stick bug can create many offspring.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Walking stick bugs can be quite hard to see. They spend most of their lives living in, on, or around plants where they can feed and camouflage themselves for protection. It is very rare for these insects to enter your home.