Wheel Bug

Category: Miscellaneous

Scientific Name: Arilus Cristatus (Linnaeus)



Color: Body is dark grayish brown

Size: Body is about 28-38 mm long

Region: Found in the United States

Important Considerations:

⦁ Females lay eggs in early autumn, in masses averaging 128 eggs
⦁ Their eggs hatch in the spring, and it takes them about 3 months to develop into adults
⦁ Wheel bugs can occasionally feel like they “bite” humans, but it’s really just their beak puncturing your skin if they’re roughly handled
⦁ When their beak punctures human skin, there is an immediate painful reaction due to the proteolytic enzymes which are normally used to subdue their prey


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Wheel bugs are diurnal, but they will go towards the lights at night if they think there is prey present. In general, wheel bugs will typically be found on vegetation where prey may be located. This could include any plants or vegetation that you may have around your home or structure. Wheel bugs feed on things like, caterpillars, beetles, bees, stink bugs, sawflies, wasps and aphids.