Asian Tiger Mosquito

Category: Mosquitoes

Scientific Name: Aedes albopictus



Color: White and black striped

Size: 2-10 mm long

Region: Found throughout the world

Lifespan: 21 days

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Important Considerations:

  • This mosquito can transmit serious diseases such as West Nile virus, chikungunya, and dengue fever.
  • Only female mosquitoes need to feed on blood. They typically do so during the daylight hours.
  • In warm places, Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are active year-round. In areas with colder winters, they go dormant for a season.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant standing water. Because of this, they are usually found in the highest quantity near areas of your property such as creeks, ponds, baby pools, birdbaths, tires, flowerpots, and clogged drains. However, mosquitoes are highly mobile, so they are not necessarily only found near their breeding grounds. To eradicate them, it is imperative to determine where they are breeding and eliminate any standing water on your property.