Prairie Dog

Category: Rodents

Scientific Name: Cynomys ludovicianus



Color: Light brown with black tips

Size: 14-17 inches long

Region: Found primarily in the great plains

Lifespan: 5-7 years

Important Considerations:

  • These rodents are active during the summertime. However, they do not hibernate during the winter and can also be seen above ground during cold months.
  • Like most rodents, prairie dogs can carry potentially dangerous pathogens and illnesses such as the plague.
  • During the summer, prairie dogs can cause damage to your foliage. They feed extensively on grass, flowers, seeds, shoots, and roots.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Prairie dogs like living in wide open spaces, so they typically are not found near homes. For people with large properties featuring pastures, however, prairie dogs can be living on their property. If this is the case, they would be found either underground on living within tall grasses.