Yellow Sac Spider

Category: Spiders

Scientific Name: Cheiracanthium inclusum



Color: Pale yellowish green, sometimes with brown stripe on abdomen

Size: ΒΌ to β…œ inch long

Region: Found in the eastern United States

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Important Considerations:

  • Yellow Sac Spiders frequently enter homes. This is especially common during the fall when their supply of food begins to dwindle.
  • These spiders account for most of the spider bites in the United States. The bites are often received when gardening or working outside.
  • Although not fatal, yellow sac spider bites contain neurotoxins that can cause damage to nerve tissues like the brain and spinal cord.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Yellow sac spiders can be hard to identify on your property or inside your home because during the daytime, the spiders retreat inside silk sacs. They only emerge in the evening to hunt. Their woven sacs can be found under trees, stones, or logs outside. Inside, they are built in secluded areas in wall corners or behind picture frames.