Africanized Bees

Category: Stinging

Scientific Name: Apis mellifera scutellata



Color: Yellow with brown bands

Size: ½ of an inch

Region: Found in the United States in the following states: Arizona, Texas, California, Nevada and New Mexico

Important Considerations:

  • Africanized bees are a cross between Southern African bees and Brazilian honeybees.
  • These bees are often nicknamed “killer bees” due to their aggressive nature. They have been known to chase people for over a quarter mile.
  • Even though they are called “killer bees”, their stings are not more dangerous than a normal honeybee sting. The greater danger comes from the fact that they attack in larger numbers.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Africanized killer bees have small colonies, which means they can build nests in areas the some other bees wouldn’t. Some of those places include water meter boxes, tires, empty cars, mail boxes and flower pots.