Dark Southeastern Subterranean Termite Alate 

Category: Termite

Scientific Name: Reticlitermes virginicus (Banks) 



Color: Body is dark brown to black 

Size: Body is 7-9.5 mm long (including the wings) 

Region: Found in the United States 

Important Considerations:

  • Eat mostly springwood and leave the harder summer woods, which they can’t digest 
  • It takes several years for colonies to mature and their swarmers are produced  
  • They have been observed to forage a maximum of 16.4 feet and have an estimated foraging area of 6.5-89 square feet  
  • They are usually located in the ground 
  • Their swarming usually occurs in April, May, or June
  • They are mostly found in Southern US states 


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

They can enter your property through cracks that are less than 1-2 mm wide. Located in the ground, they are usually below the frost line but above rock formations. However, if there is moisture available to them, they can exist above the ground.