Dark Southeastern Subterranean Termite Alate 

Category: Termite

Scientific Name: Reticlitermes virginicus (Banks) 



Color: Body is dark brown to black 

Size: Body is 7-9.5 mm long (including the wings) 

Region: Found in the United States 

Important Considerations:

  • These termites have 3 castes: worker, soldier, and reproducer
  • They burrow in the soil to mate, and only a few eggs are produced each year
  • It can take up to multiple years before a colony matures and swarmer are produced
  • They are normally located in the ground and can forage an area up to 89 feet


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

You will find Dark Southeastern Termites in the ground below the frost line, but above water table and rock formations. Mud tubes are built to help make a bridge to adverse conditions to get between the colony and its’ food sources. They often enter structures through cracks and colonies normally swarm in April, May or June. They like finding wood through soil, and it would be helpful to remove any debris or dry any moist areas you may have around your home.