Powderpost/Furniture Termites

Category: Termites

Scientific Name: Cryptotermes spp.



Color: Dull brown in color

Size: 10 to 11 mm in length

Region: Found in humid costal areas across the world.

Important Considerations:

  • Throughout the United States, it costs around $120 million dollars to control Powderpost Termites.
  • These termites infest dry wood, particularly furniture.
  • Powderpost Termites are often spread to new areas and homes through humans transporting furniture or picture frames that are already infested.


Where to Find Them on Your Property?

Like their name suggests, Powderpost or Furniture  Termites are often found in furniture inside of homes. They can also infest can other areas of wood within a structure such as window and door frames, trim, eaves and attics.