Groundhogs, also known as rockchucks or woodchucks, are a prolific nuisance to Boise homeowners.

Although commonly found in rural areas, suburban development pushes groundhogs into neighborhoods, yards and gardens. You may find groundhog burrows in areas like Camel’s Back Park.

Quick Facts

Size: 17-24 inches long, up to 13lbs.

Lifespan: 3-6 years.

Diet: Grasses, tree bark, fruit, vegetables.

Habitat: Woodlands, grassy areas & high desert environments. Because of their ability to dig large burrow systems (up to 6 feet deep and 20 feet wide), groundhogs are well suited to living in many rural & suburban places. These rodents will hibernate in their burrows during the winter months.

Reproduction: Male groundhogs leave their burrows in late Winter to search for mates. Mating season begins in Spring, and females give birth to 2-6 young after a one month gestation period. The juveniles leave their mother after 3 months to create their own burrows

Why keep groundhogs off your property?

These destructive rodents burrow and create underground tunnels, which can undermine the foundations of buildings, sidewalks, and patios. They can also damage crops, such as vegetables and fruit trees, by eating the plants or roots.

Boise Groundhog/Rockchuck Control, Trapping, and Removal

If you suspect groundhogs are on your property, contact us today! Our professional technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine the most effective Boise groundhog control solution.

If groundhogs are invading your property, contact us at 208-949-1003