If you live in Boise, you are very familiar with the many bushy-tailed squirrels running around town.

These rodents can be found nearly anywhere — including backyards, neighborhoods, or Ann Morrison Park. Although they can be cute, squirrels are well known for their destructive habits which may cause damage to your home or lawn.

Quick Facts

Common Species: Gray squirrel, Fox squirrel, Red Squirrel

Size: 16-24 inches long

Lifespan: Up to 6 years

Diet: Acorns, walnuts, seeds, berries, fruit.

Habitat: Generally live in and around trees. Arboreal squirrels will create leaf nests or live in tree hollows. In urban or suburban environments, squirrels will invade attics, causing damage and contaminating nesting areas.

Why keep squirrels off your property?

  1. Property damage: Squirrels have a tendency to gnaw on anything they can get their teeth on. This includes wiring, wooden structures, and attic entry points. Gable vents are commonly damaged by squirrels who are trying to nest inside.
  2. Health concerns: A family of squirrels who find their way into an attic will soil the surrounding area, creating a potentially hazardous situation. Squirrels are vectors for diseases such as rabies or Lyme disease.
  3. Garden & yard: Squirrels may dig up bulbs or other plants, creating damage to garden areas. They will also dig into the lawn to hide their food caches.
  4. Bird feeders: Squirrels can be aggressive in their pursuit of food, and may quickly empty feeders.

Boise Squirrel Control, Trapping, and Removal

If you suspect squirrels are on your property, contact us today! Our professional technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine the most effective Boise squirrel control solution.

If squirrels are invading your property, contact us at 208-949-1003